What is Aimybox

Aimybox is an open source voice assistant platform. It includes ready to use SDK and HTTP API to embed voice capabilities into any mobile application or device, as well as ready to use assistant UI components and voice skills.

You can also create your own voice skills with any chatbot builders and tools like Aimylogic.

How to start using Aimybox

All you need to embed voice assistant into your application is to make the next simple steps.

1. Create Aimybox project

Any Aimybox powered application has to be connected to the Aimybox project.
Please go to app.aimybox.com and log in with your Github account.

Here you can create a new Aimybox project. Please select one of available languages and provide any name for your project.

2. Add voice skills to your project

Aimybox provides a marketplace of ready to use voice skills. Just click on Add button on the skills you wish to enable in your voice project.

Please note that you can also add your own voice skills by clicking on Create skill button

3. Train your project

To enable voice skills you have to train the project. Just click on Train project button on the top right corner.

Wait a bit while Aimybox trains your project. This enables your voice assistant to understand user's requests according the skills you've enabled in the project.

4. Test your project

Once trained your project can be tested via test console. Just click on Try in action button on the top right corner. Test popup appears and here you can test how your project reacts on queries.

5. Connect Aimybox project to your mobile application

Once trained and tested your project can be used in your Android application. The easiest way to try it - is to clone ready to use Android application from Aimybox Github repository.

You have to use some Android IDE to build your app like Android Studio

All you need is to create a new project from existing source and then open AimboxApplication file in editor.

Here you have to replace the AIMYBOXAPI_KEY_ value with your Aimybox project's API key.

Obtain your Aimybox project's API key by clicking cog icon on app.aimybox.com

Then you have just connect any Android device to your PC via USB and click on green play button to build and deploy your voice assistant.

6. Test your voice assistant

Once started your assistant can be tested through voice commands. Just tap on microphone button and try to say one of the supported commands (the list of supported commands is available for every enabled voice skill).

Where to go next

Learn more in Aimybox basics.
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